Monday, December 2, 2013

Tassels Not Included!

As part of the prep for my surgery, the surgeon wanted me to have a breast MRI.  I had a mammogram earlier this year that showed no problems, but an MRI shows a better picture of the breast tissue.

I've only had one previous MRI, and while it was not a terrible experience, it can freak you out if you have your eyes open.  So, today I was armed with my sleep mask, and a breathing technique given to me by a friend which helps you stay calm.  She told me to breathe in flowers and blow out the birthday candles.  It was a great way to focus and stay calm.  I imagined a flower for every letter of the alphabet!

To my surprise, a breast MRI is done laying face down.  So, I didn't need the sleep mask, and instead I pretended to be getting a back massage.  The little ditties in the picture were put in place as was an IV.    Part of the MRI includes getting a contrast put through the IV in order to show a better image.  I'm glad this ordeal didn't involve drinking nasty stuff!

As I went into the tunnel of doom, the tech told me to go to my happy place and to take her with me.  I told her we were going to Hawaii, and she said, Aloha, see you in about 35 minutes.

Thirty-five minutes is a long time to be laying on your stomach, arms over your head, and trying not to move.  I kept thinking that this procedure is so much easier than going to the dentist, so the time went by quickly.

They would like you to think that MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, but the real meaning is:

Machine Really Irritating

It's difficult to go to my happy place when it sounds like they are jack hammering on the beach! Earplugs helped somewhat, but it is a very noisy procedure!

Next up?  I see the plastic surgeon the end of December.  I was hoping the surgery could take place in January, but the two surgeons' schedules had to be coordinated, so it is scheduled for February.


  1. I dont think it's allowed for me to print what my dad said about MRI; let's just say HBO words have nothin on him !!

    the cats want me to tell you: ya shulda been thinkin trout !!


    glad that part is step closer even if you don't get tassles...maybe pasties tho huh !!


  2. You captured the experience exactly! The key is to NEVER open your eyes. You have a wonderful way of writing that makes me hear your voice as I read. With you in spirit every step of the way, my friend!


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