Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cat/Dog Lover Keychain Giveaways!

I've got more goodies to give away! I've already told you about the April Giveaway for donations of $25 or more.

However, if your pocketbook can't take a $25 hit, I have 19 keychains to give to anyone donating $15 to my walk.

You'll get your choice from the following:

I "heart" My Cats (eight available)
I "heart" My Cat (two available)
I Love Cats
Catz Rule
Cats Rule (two available)
I "heart" Purring
Purr Meow
I Love Dogz (two available)
Cat Dog Lover

The keychains also include a lucky clover charm.  Click on the picture above to see a close-up view.

Thank you for helping me reach my goal!

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