Sunday, April 11, 2010

Views From a Park Walk

My trainer got me up early this morning so we could get a walk in at the park before it got too hot. We saw this cute kitty on our first time around the 1.75 mile loop.

It is a really pretty park with lots to see - a big lake with several people fishing from the shore, and at least 4 boats in the water.

I love the wild violets which are really in bloom right now!

My trainer did let me stop each time around to shed one of my layers. This is a great training park because there are several small hills. We saw a husband and wife team riding their bikes - they were doing some serious training. And when the man got finished riding (17 miles), he ran once around the loop. Way too ambitious for me!

We went 5 1/4 miles, and plan to do more than that next weekend as we gear up for the big Kentucky Derby Mini-marathon on the 24th!

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  1. Aw, pretty kitty! And flowers and trail! Oh my!

    I think your personal trainer looks so great holding the fanny pack that he should do the walk with us so he can carry all our packs!


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