Sunday, April 4, 2010

Park Re-Do!

On a beautiful Easter afternoon, my trainer and I decided to attempt the park again for a trek! There were lots of families having picnics, and dogs enjoying the big lake in the middle of the 1 3/4 mile loop.

I was testing out new Keen walking sandals that are about the ugliest shoes on the planet, but they got rave reviews, so I'll give them a try. After one time around the loop, I traded in my big honkin' fanny pack for Ted's smaller fanny pack.

The big honkin' one from yesterday's post gets in my way when I swing my arms which is one reason you should train with the equipment/shoes you plan to use for the walk! This blue fanny pack is much better, and hopefully it will be big enough for all the stuff I need to carry!

We went two times around the loop for 3 1/2 miles total! hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend!

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  1. So how'd you like the sandals? I have to get new shoes STAT.


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