Friday, April 9, 2010

My Inspiration to Walk

Two reasons I am walking the 3-Day in November are for these important women who made me what I am today.

The Keith Twins - I called the one on the right Mom, and the one on the left Foof. Mom was named Arlene, and Foof was really named Phyllis, but when I was little it came out Foo-Foo, and shortened to Foof when I got older.

They were everything you've ever heard about twins . . . . dress alike, talk alike, same passions. And they both shared the nasty cancer gene. Mom had breast cancer twice . . . . 25 years apart. She also fought ovarian cancer - many surgeries, chemo for years, and she conquered it, only to die from a complication of hernia repair surgery back in 2007.

Foof was spared breast cancer, but she had ovarian cancer, and that is what took her life at age 70.

Having a mother who is a twin is actually like having two mothers. Foof was my cool mother - the one who taught me how to use tampons, gave me colored pantyhose for Christmas, and worked in New York City. She was my Mary Tyler Moore aunt!

They both passed me the love-of-animals gene, and I am so grateful to have it. I pray every day that they didn't give me the cancer gene, and I've been pro-active and hope I never hear a doctor give me that dreaded news.

I could never see either one of them sign up to walk 60 miles in 3 days, but they have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and do something different, fun, and hopefully inspiring to others!


  1. My best friend is a breast cancer survivor at age 45 and she completed the walk in Chicago last year. I so wish I had done it with her -- and we plan to do it next year.

    We lost a friend and co-worker to breast cancer two years ago; she was 38 and left behind two young sons.

    Hopefully someday we won't have as many loved ones to share stories of from this disease!

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