Saturday, April 3, 2010

Laughter in the Rain!

I got an email this week from Sue Lyn, our Trekkin' for Ta-Tas team leader. She included a list of training tips:

~ Train on a variety of hard surfaces: sidewalks, roadways, etc
~ Train off-road on trails, and on regular grassy and sandy/dirt surfaces
~ Train on uneven surfaces
~ Train on hard surface inclines and declines (low grade and steep)
~ Train on soft surface inclines and declines (low grade and steep)
~ Train in cooler temps and warmer (hot) temps
~ Train in the rain (no storms, please!)
~ Train by walking a fast pace
~ Train by walking a slow pace (we get caught in large packs of walkers occasionally)
~ Train by walking very short strides
~ Train by walking long strides (you will do this when you are passing other walkers or need to speed up briefly)
~ BE SURE TO MIX IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

My trainer told me the plan for today was to go to the nearby park - which we routed at 1.75 miles around the big loop - and be done before the expected 11:00 a.m. rain.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out my big, honkin' fanny pack. I haven't used this on my neighborhood walks because I didn't want my neighbors looking out their windows and thinking I was totally nuts - yeah, I'm vain like that!

I put water in both bottles to even out the weight, had my camera, phone and a few other things inside, and I strapped on that baby and was ready to go. It is definitely a big difference hauling that extra weight, so I'll be doing a lot more training wearing it.

It wasn't long before I was humming this tune in my head.

Strolling along country roads with my baby
It starts to rain, it begins to pour
Without an umbrella we're soaked to the skin
I feel a shiver run up my spine
I feel the warmth of his hand in mine . . . . . . .

Let's just say that one time around the loop was all the walking we did. The wind was blowing so hard we couldn't hear each other talking! And no, I didn't have my cheap plastic poncho in the big honkin' fanny pack, but I will come November!

I also realized that all future Komen walks will be in cities with nice climates. Walking in the blowing rain is no fun . . . . . . even with the one you love!

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  1. BAH! We do have the same fanny pack, and I must are like half my size! It looks GINORMOUS on you! And TEEEEENY on me! My arms don't hit the bottles, it's so tiny on me!

    Yup, no rain!!! None, none, none!


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