Saturday, April 24, 2010

In the Record Books!

Well, I did it! Actually, we did it! My trainer and I walked in our very first mini-marathon! Despite having to get up at 4 a.m. in order to drop cars where they needed to be, and the drizzling rain that lasted from the start until the first four miles were done, it was a great day!

We joined 14,998 other people who were running, wheeling, or walking in either the mini-marathon or the full marathon. This yearly event is part of the Kentucky Derby Festival, and after hearing my hair gal say she was going to walk with some of the staff at the salon, I thought it would be a great training opportunity for November's big walk.

My feet did pretty good - only afterwards did I realize my toes were hurting some, and I had some hives on the top of my feet. I've got to remember to keep the toenails extra short in November.

We had cheerleaders and bands playing along the way. I liked this gal decked out in pink!

Part of the 13 miles were in the infield at Churchill Downs - very cool! I'm standing in front of one of the food trailers that will be used next weekend. The pink lillies are for the Kentucky Oak's race. It will be a Pink Out at the track next Friday for breast cancer awareness.

I'm so happy that we both made it the entire 13 miles - with several quick pit stops, we did it in 4 hours, 20 minutes or so! And we got a very cool medal after we crossed the finish line!

I'm feeling much more confident that I can do 20 miles in one day. Now if I can convince myself that I can do 20 miles three days in a row, I'll be ready!


  1. Way to go Laura. Glad to hear you had fun and it wasn't too painful. 4 hours is good time. Rest those feet tomorrow!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on finishing it!

  3. Ha! So my word was in...just missed giving you a standig ovation by an "n!"


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