Monday, March 8, 2010

Trekkin' Sights and Sounds!

Because the weather was so beautiful today, I ditched the mall walking, and went around the neighborhood this afternoon.

I got in 4 miles, and the overwhelming sound of the day was all the chirping and singing from the birds! I saw a lot of robins, so I'm hoping that means spring is here to stay!

I didn't realize our neighborhood had so many dogs, but I counted nine! Two little white westie looking doggies greeted me on each trek around the loop.

And I also saw three deer in someone's front yard - real living, breathing deer - not those fake ones, although one neighbor still has his lighted fake ones out from Christmas.

Another loud sound were my shoes hitting the pavement. I think I heard my feet chanting, we want a pedicure!

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  1. You have definitely walked enough to deserve a pedicure.


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