Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They Call Me Mellow Yellow!

What a gorgeous day to do some trekking in my neighborhood. I got in a three mile walk, and noticed that yellow was the color of the day!

There are several forsythia bushes in the neighborhood - sorry this is blurry - I was not smoking dried banana skins when I took this photo!

Ahhh, the dreaded sign of spring - those nasty dandelions! I guess we would like these if someone told us they were flowers and not weeds!
My mini-fanny pack - I'm saving the honkin' huge one for longer walks later in the summer!

I'm jealous of this mailbox - they have it all springy and pretty with silk flowers and Easter eggs. Mine needs a good paint job and is splattered with bird poop!

Obviously that crazy lady on the bike didn't see this sign when she almost ran me down several weeks ago!

Other yellows around the neighborhood included a dumpster (glad I don't see that out my window), garbage can lids, and a yellow garden hose.

What is your guess on who sang Mellow Yellow? No cheating by Googling it - take a guess!

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