Monday, March 22, 2010

Mall Kids

I got in about a 4 mile walk at the mall this afternoon. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of grandparents are babysitters during the week. I saw a couple of kids having complete meltdowns with the screaming that makes you glad they belong to someone else!

And there were some kids getting their picture taken with the ugliest Easter bunny I've ever seen. He is straight out of a horror movie, and should be sitting in the mall near the rides that laugh!

The cutest kid I saw was sitting in one of the strollers you can rent to use in the mall. He thought it was a ride, and he was not about to get out despite his Mom and Grandpa trying to convince him that it wasn't a ride!

While I was walking, my trainer left a voice message for me telling me the plan for walking this weekend. I think he is taking this job way too seriously!

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  1. I still think you have to get a pic of you with the ugly Easter Bunny...and did you smack your trainer, yet? ha!


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