Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love for the Piggies!

Ahhhh, the first rite of spring . . . . . . a pedicure! These feet have done some walking and will be doing lots more in the coming months! They (the official experts at Susan G. Komen) say not to get a pedicure close to the time you're going to walk the 3-Day because you want your feet to be all rough and calloused so you don't get blisters.

Until that time gets here, I plan to keep these babies looking good - mainly because the massage chair at the nail salon is so nice, and the hot towels they put on your legs feel so good!

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  1. It's so funny how important our feet suddenly are. Like they weren't seriously important before. ha! I am pampering mine like crazy. Probably pampering them too much since I should probably be working them even more instead.


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