Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Good Sign!

On my 4 1/2 mile trek around the mall today, I decided to pick out my favorite store sign. See if you can figure out which store has this large neon sign in pink on one wall:

Life . . . Is . . . Pink . . . Is . . . Life

And if you follow my blog, you'll notice that I've changed out my banner. I helped design a couple of blogs for my trekkin' teammates, and decided I liked their blogs better than my own! So, I did a little rework last night on the banner and background.

The 1 in 8 refers to the number of women that will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. Think about eight of your friends, and then realize how scary that number is - the reason a cure for this disease needs to be found!

Okay - leave me a comment and guess which store the sign is from - I'll let you know tomorrow!


  1. I love your new banner! Hmmmm, my guess is Victoria's Secret.

  2. Lady Foot Locker.

    Okay, that's about a stupid guess. I'm guessing Diana wins!

    (If it's Bath and Body Works and I didn't guess it right...oh, the shame...)


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