Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cool Tool!

My trainer told me he heard on the radio about this Nike internet site where you can easily map out a route, and it will tell you how many miles it is. When I did a search, I found a site called MapMyRun which was funny because it is associated with the Derby Festival marathon in Louisville. I never did find the Nike site, but this one worked great.

You put in a city and then search for a park, neighborhood, or any location where you plan to walk. Once your location is shown, you click on the route, and the mileage is determined!

We found a nearby park, and it maps to 1.75 miles, so our plan was to walk it today as it has a few more elevation changes than the mall walking! However, drizzling cold rain put a stop to that idea.

And since Dick's Sporting Goods had my walking shoes on sale, we decided to head to the mall, get in a walk, and buy another pair of shoes. I've had absolutely no problems with the ASICS pair I've been using, so I got an exact duplicate pair because by the time November rolls around, I'm sure they won't sell them anymore.

We got in a 4 mile walk. It is definitely no fun to walk on the weekends when the stores are open! The place was packed, but it was fun to do some people watching as we walked. I determined that way too many people are eating double doozie cookies and pretzels! Both side-by-side stores had long lines of people waiting to buy their oh-so-good-but-not-good-for-you food!

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  1. That site is great. I have been using g-map. Most of the time I stay on a straight route but sometimes I wander through the neighborhoods so as long as I remember what streets I turn on, I can get my mileage.


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