Monday, January 11, 2010

These Shoes Are Made for Walkin'!

The number one item I needed to begin my training was a pair of good walking shoes. I've owned various brands over the years, and in trying on shoes last November, I found the best fit and most comfortable were these Asics. They have a gel cushioning system, and they are super comfy! I got a size larger than I normally wear to accommodate the thick socks and any swelling that will probably occur in my feet.

I also was advised to get really good socks, so I bought quite a few pair of Thorlo thick cushioned distance walking crew socks. Those socks are about $14 a pair, so they aren't the ones you wear around the kitchen to dust the floor in!

Our neighborhood is great for walking, and three times around the loop equals about two miles. Ted and I were able to get in some good walks before it got so cold. As soon as the weather permits, I'll be gellin' and trekkin' some more!

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  1. I am so pulling for you...and love that team name!


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