Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Once a Year!

Call me crazy, but I'd rather get a mammogram than go to the dentist! I've got good teeth, but sitting in a chair with someone working in my mouth for a half an hour is way worse than getting my boobs squeezed for less than a minute!

I got my reminder phone call this morning-- about my appointment tomorrow!

Have you scheduled yours for 2010?


  1. And that picture is exactly what freaks me out about a mammogram! Last time I had one the woman scraped that machine across my breast bone and I swear I had a bruise afterwards! Not looking forward to it on Monday. Nope, not at all.

  2. I love your new blog, Laura! So cute! So pink! My Grandmother died from Breast Cancer yrs ago, so I know how important Mammograms are!

    P.S.: I love Arizona, too! Isn't it great?



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